BK8 – The top online casino brand in Malaysia

Have you ever wondered who would be the top trusted online casino brand in Asia?


Recently, this online casino brand just signed a footballer legend (RVP) Robin Van Persie and the entire football industry was shocked by the signing.


The brand is BK8, previously known as Bolaking ( In Malay it means Football King). It’s not surprising that BK8 signed RVP as they have a good track record of signing legendary footballers as ambassadors. 


Prior to the RVP signing, BK8 official ambassador was John Terry who was the legendary Chelsea captain. 


Putting aside all the buzz and viral news from BK8, they have come a long since the inception of their brand. Most gamblers trusted BK8 for its robust betting platform, fast withdrawal, and reliable customer support.


Furthermore, BK8 spend lots of money and effort to make their platform secure and safe despite there is a lot of news about casino hack by foreign hackers.


Players feel safe while playing with BK8 Casino, and they have one of the highest retention rates among all the casino brands in Southeast Asia.


With a huge team of customer support and the VIP team, BK8 is Malaysia’s largest online casino platform with the most VIP players ever recorded in Malaysia.


Despite the huge success and track record, BK8 have been giving out free games and bonuses to reward their loyal fans.


As you can see from their social media account, BK8 put a lot of focus to make their customer happy with a good experience and reward tiers.


Interested to learn more about BK8, you can sign up for the game here.



Mobile : +6017 3140 308

Email: bk8center@gmail.com