Learn About How Makeup Artist Charge

Hiring for a makeup artist in Malaysia can be challenging, especially getting different price quotation which is confusing sometimes.

Makeup artist

Picture resource: http://www.wedresearch.net/2012/01/mua-list.html

To learn about how makeup artist charge, it’s really important to know what influence the pricing of a makeup artist and how they price their services.


Product cost


Some cosmetic brands like Fenty Beauty cost about RM 250- RM 300 for just one foundation stick, while some local brands like Pixie or Wadah cost only about RM 50


For some PRO makeup artist in Malaysia, they usually will equip them self with a complete set of makeup brands like MAC, Channel or Dior, while some new makeup artist probably will just mix and match another local makeup brand from Malaysia.


So in terms of the cost of the product, the pricing and investment of professional makeup artist will easily reach up to RM 20,000 a year while some new makeup artist might only spend RM 1,000 for local makeup brands.


So by understanding this, you will be able to tell why some professional makeup artist charged so expensive while other makeup artists in Malaysia is able to charge so low.


In other words, you pay peanuts you get a monkey.



Do you know, a professional makeup artist spends more than RM 20,000 just to get certified as a makeup artist, and at the same time, it might cost them another RM 50,000 to graduate as a Degree holder before continuing their makeup career?


At the same time, during the process of becoming a certified makeup artist, they have to invest in all the equipment and pay for a makeup model that will be part of their portfolio.


Not only that, they have to stay updated with the latest makeup style and invest in themselves to improve their makeup style.


These are all the cost involved to be a good makeup artist in Malaysia.