A.C. Milan, as everyone calls it, stands for Associazion Calcit Milan. It was founded as a professional club in 1899 as a professional football club in Milan, Italy. The club has most of its history with Serie A, the top flight of Italian football. Popular nicknames for the football clubs are Rossoneri (The Reds and the Blacks) and Diavolo (The Devil). A.C. Milan has the fourth-highest amount out of any club (joined with Boca Juniors). The highest out of any Italian club of FIFA and UEFA trophies. A.C. Milan is a highly respected and prestigious club with an existence that has spanned over a century. Milan has under its belt a joint record of three International Cups and one FIFA world cup, seven European Cup/Champions League titles ( Italian record), five joint record UEFA Super cup and has won Cup Winner’s Cup twice. Milan is one of the second most successful clubs in the Seria A with eighteen league titles and five Coppa Italia and seven Supercoppa Italiana. A.C. Milan is one of the richest clubs in Italy and the world at large and is a member of the European Club Association. Two Englishman started the football club. At that time (in 1899), they were living in Italy. They both desired to play soccer after the just concluded cricket season. Like a lightning bolt, the club grew quickly and larger with time. The local Milanese people picked an interest in the club, which turned into a passionate following with time. To honor its English roots, A.C. Milan uses the name ‘Milan’ (which is in English) instead of the indigenous ‘Milano.’


With commercialization, football clubs needed sponsorships to fund the necessities of the club so that the club continues to run. In return, football clubs that appeal to a lot of people have to represent these brands. Apart from providing funds and the means for a club to operate, brands give football clubs a professional outlook, take care of the laborious tasks of keeping that good image and the associated strains that come with it. This way, clubs can focus on performance, training, and optimizing their matches. In other words, both football clubs and brands or sponsors rub each other’s backs. Brands provide exposure and the means to focus on the sport, while football clubs represent these brands.

A club as big as A.C. Milan is tasked with choosing brands to help put them on a greater path. It is not just about putting a brand’s logo on the team’s jersey, on the club’s website, team kits, potential club printed collateral, on the pitch in the banner form alongside the club’s logo, on the club’s social media platforms, at club events, etc. It surpasses this. A club with a reputation as that of A.C Milan has to pick out the best brand(s) that has the club’s interest at heart. It should be a side by side relationship. Milan is one of Europe’s biggest football clubs and has always been in the leading position of commercial developments in football. It is therefore not surprising that it is one of the first European clubs to have a commercial sponsor on their jerseys.


Milan’s popularity has grown with the number of lucrative partnerships it has had in the past with some of the biggest brands in the world. The club has enlarged the number of sponsorship contracts and signed some of the biggest sponsorship deals in football consistently.

One of the biggest emerging markets for football in Asia. There is a large following of European leagues (there is also a large following in Asia’s local leagues). Because of this, Milan came into a contract with one of Asia’s biggest online gambling platforms- Vwin. Vwin is one of the biggest and most trusted online platforms in the whole of Asia, so why not?

In early 2019, Milan announced that they had signed a deal with the Asian brand Vwin. This goes to say that Milan takes the growing Asian market very seriously and establishes the fact that Asian brands are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the global market. The deal between A.C. Milan and Vwin is not a jersey sponsorship deal as one would expect. Milan signed a deal that adopts Vwin as it’s an official betting partner. The idea is for Milan to represent them and bring the Vwin brand to a Western football audience while Vwin makes sure that Milan has increased engagement with the European football fan base in Asia. This deal would bring both parties wide brand awareness in Europe and Asia, respectively.

As A.C. Milan’s official sponsor, Vwin is expected to provide wider brand awareness of the A.C. Milan club brand for the football fans in Asia. The Vwin brand is already popular in Asia. As a flag-bearer of the football club, it is expected to make sure that A.C. Milan becomes a very well-known an established brand, a household name, in the Asian market by pushing the club with its brand. Vwin is also tasked with demonstrating personality over the A.C Milan brand in Asia. Partnering with Vwin should unlock geographical boundaries. Vwin already has a stronghold in Asia and would use this factor to make sure that nowhere in Asia is left for the A.C. Milan brand to thrive. Vwin’s campaigns for its products and services should be designed and done in ways that carry the A.C. Milan brand along. Ads and promotions for A.C. Milan should be rub on the Vwin’s official website; this serves as some form of advertising and would drive traffic to the club’s website. This is one cheap, fast and easy way to advertise and market the A.C. Milan club brand in Asia. This method also leaves indelible images of the A.C Milan club brand in the minds of the millions of users who navigate Vwin’s website. A partnership between brands such as Vwin and A.C Milan proves that irrespective of boundaries, success can be achieved.

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